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About Us

LeadLifter™ helps your sales and marketing teams engage early-stage prospects first and sell more

What We Do

LeadLifter™ helps companies in their marketing and sales efforts by offering two very specific SAAS products:

  1. EchoQuote™ – Converts website traffic into early-stage, high-quality leads
  2. AccountScope™ – Provides real-time account intelligence about which companies are in the market for specific solutions

Our History

LeadLifter™ was founded in 2007 by Dale Underwood. Mr. Underwood had previously co-founded several successful Information Technology companies including Marzik Inc., an Enterprise Storage reseller. During his time at Marzik, Mr. Underwood recognized how the self-service nature of the internet was disrupting the channel business.

With sales margins dropping, Mr. Underwood sold his share in Marzik and started LeadLifter to address two very important voids in the IT sales market:

  1. B2B buyers ignore most website calls-to-action and resorting to self-service research, avoiding sales contact
  2. Most companies produce only negligible ROI from their online marketing efforts (an average of 4% conversion rate), missing opportunities

The original SAAS product, EchoQuote™, was developed specifically to capture more high-quality leads from an IT manufacturer’s website using a potential customer’s curiosity about budgetary pricing. Since most B2B vendors do not want to disclose pricing on their websites (nor should they), they were losing many of their website visitors. EchoQuote™ gives a website visitor an option to easily request pricing while keeping the vendor’s sales team in control.

To showcase the power of EchoQuote™, the staff at LeadLifter created several industry specific “traffic aggregation” sites like StoragePricing.Org (specifically for the Enterprise Data Storage/Hyperconvergence market). The idea was to show vendors the power of custom content to bring in potential end-user leads and convert them using EchoQuote™. During the rollout of StoragePricing.Org the LeadLifter team realized that it was collecting powerful insight into which Accounts were researching data storage solutions. AccountScope™ was developed along side EchoQuote™ to show, at an industry level, which Accounts (companies) were looking for specific solutions.

Today, LeadLifter remains the dominant lead generation and account intelligence marketing services provider for the data storage/IT infrastructure industry.

We have a long list of satisfied B2B clients — including technology companies like Texas Memory Systems, CORAID, Dell Equallogic, Nimble Storage, Nutanix, Thunderstone Software, SimpliVity, Scale Computing, Tegile and Dell.