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See how Jim, the VP of Sales and Marketing at StorTech, introduces a game-changing lead generation campaign


This short whitepaper (takes about 3 minutes to read) gives a detailed idea of why and how EchoQuote™ is used to capture high-quality leads. It explores the power behind this unusual call-to-action and why it compels prospective customers to engage.

“You want to do WHAT?” asked Nancy, CEO of StorTech, in disbelief.

Jim, the VP of Sales and Marketing, quickly restated the request; “I want to use Self-Service Pricing as a way to capture better leads on our website.”

Nancy looked at Jim and smiled. “Jim, we sell very complex and expensive products through many sales channels and partners. We never discuss pricing until we, or our partners, have a solid working relationship with the prospect. You know that.”

Jim calmly replied, “I agree 100% Nancy, but if you’ll just hear me out, I think I have a plan that will help us find more prospects earlier in the sales cycle without exposing or compromising our final pricing.

Here’s how it could work…..”

Download the Whitepaper Now and Crush your Lead Generation Goals Tomorrow!